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it’s that time of the month

did you crack 10 eggs on your bed for a post 

Yes, a bisexual might cheat on you if you date them. Guess who else might cheat on you? That’s right, a lesbian. A straight man. A straight woman. A gay man. A klingon. A hobbit. If you are willing to discount the romantic potential of an entire group of people based on their ability to have sex with somebody other than you, you better stock up on batteries. And what do you think the “B” in “LGBTQIA” stands for anyway? Bananas?



This is one of my favourite pictures of Kagura.:’) She likes to sit like a people and watch the laptop/TV

oh my God that is the cutest snake ever.


“So what have you been up to in the holidays?”


匿名 asked: Hey Kenma, ever had any pets?




just had a dream where someone stole my socks and framed me for murder using the dna on them

i dreamt i stole someones socks omg

i’m calling the police

proud member of the dead mom club



Free! makes brofisting ‘too gay’ for straight dudes, more at 11.