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kuro--konoha asked: Can I ask you what you think about the whole Haruka=/=Konoha deal though? I'm personally not really fond of it because I feel like Jin just throws Konoha in the story like a puppet and Haruka is just left in the Heat Haze for two years, then suddenly he comes back and Konoha just disappears, not sure what Jin was trying to pull of here tbh. Well I'm sort of biased on that too because I really love Konoha /crawls into corner of shame

well i’m not happy about konoha disappearing in the end, that’s for damn sure. his intentions were so so so good and he didn’t deserve that at all. plotwise i’m not happy about the switch the anime pulled, even though it made sense in the circumstances of the anime plot itself. 

but as far as haruka not being konoha in general, that much i think is better in the sense of like, being individual people? cuz just from personal observation i feel like a lot of people prefer konoha to haruka (while i prefer haruka to konoha, personally, but i still adore konoha so much ugh baby„,) and the fact that they’re genuinely different people honors their differences in personality? like, if konoha was just a reformed haruka, konoha would serve even less of a purpose because he’s just haruka without memories and thus once haruka got back his memories it’d just be like “haha bye ‘konoha’ sucks to suck”. at least with them being different people they can coexist and acknowledge each other as separate beings?

i lost my train of thought but like… long story short i like that they’re different people because they’ve lived through different things and had different experiences so i’m glad they both can technically coexist and not just be ‘the same body but oh dear amnesia’, but i don’t like the way that it panned out in the anime ending on virtue of KONOHA NO COME BACK.

on that note i also like that he doesn’t really have amnesia, he genuinely just spawned out of a misunderstood wish fully formed like that and thus can’t have any memories beyond when he was created. it makes the ‘artificial’ aspect of him make more sense i guess since he ISN’T haruka.


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匿名 asked: Different anon here... I never really thought of Haruka and Konoha as different people until now. Kinda went over my mind when I saw the show... It makes a lot of sense now, so thanks!

ahhhh, you’re welcome?!?!?

yeah i mean considering that haruka was stuck in the daze and konoha was literally just a body that developed his own personality, they’d have to be two separate people.





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Yes she has during her State Visit to Mexico in 1975. President Echeverría served them to her as part of introducing HM to the culture of Mexico.


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